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WarrantyAll our vehicles are carefully checked and newly Safety Inspected. Brakes, exhaust, ball joints, etc. are all gone over in our own shop by our licensed technicians and replaced if needed. Your new vehicle receives a new NB Safety Inspection assuring you that all safety items meet New Brunswick's rigorous guidelines. In addition, we guarantee safety items, the engine and the transmission for 30 days! We are not required to do this by law and many used car lots simply skip this inspection to save money. We have built our reputation on satisfied customers and it is our goal to sell you the best possible car at the best possible price!

We want you to enjoy trouble-free driving for years to come. So, in addition, we offer a wide variety of extended warranty options from 3 months to 4 years. Excellent coverage is available for just a few dollars per payment. With an offer like this there is little to no risk of major repairs when buying a pre-owned vehicle from Cambells Auto and The Car Store! Feel free to ask a salesperson about our many warranty options and which one may best suit your needs.

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